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osCommerce can be installed on any server where a web server is running that has been installed with PHP, which includes shared servers, dedicated servers, and locally on the computer you are currently using.

osCommerce is not an application that can be started by clicking on an executable file, but a web based solution that needs its relevant files to be copied to the web server.

This can be done by extracting the osCommerce download package locally and copying the files and directories to the server via FTP, or by copying the download package to the server and extracting the package there. Although there are two compressed file archives available for download here, one for Linux/Unix and one for Windows, they contain identical files. There is only one set of files, regardless of which operating system the server is using.

Installation Types

FTP Based Installation

Direct Server Access Based Installation

Catalog Directory

The catalog directory exists inside the oscommerce-X directory created by extracting the osCommerce download package (where X is the osCommerce version number).

Web Server Document Path

The web server document path is the directory where the web server has been configured to look for the HTML/PHP files to serve to the public. Example web server document paths are:

If the catalog directory is kept and copied to, for example, /home/hpdl/public_html/catalog/, the web server public address would be

If the osCommerce installation is to reside on the root path, for example, then the files within the catalog directory should be copied over and not the actual catalog directory itself.

Pre-Installation Configuration

When finished with the above setup, open your web browser, and point it to http://yourserver/catalog/install/ and follow the Installation Procedure.

Please consult the Web Based Installation Procedure article below for further information concerning the configuration process.


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