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After installing osCommerce some follow-up work will need to be done to complete the installation and configuration and to secure your server. It will be best if you use an ftp program that allows you to change permissions (chmod) easily. Smart FTP is a good reliable program (


After installing osCommerce follow these steps for post-installation:

1. Rename the catalog/install folder or delete it.
2. Reset the permissions on catalog/includes/configure.php to 644 (if you are still getting the warning message at the top of the page after setting this configure.php files to 644 then set the catalog/includes/configure.php file to 444 which is read only - this happens on some servers that have been updated for security reasons).
3. Set the permissions on catalog/images directory to 777
4. Set the permissions on admin/images/graphs directory to 777
5. Create the directory admin/backups and set the permissions to 777 (this is the folder to store the database backup of your store in the "Tools" section of the store admin).

The store admin directory on your server needs to be password protected using .htaccess. Most of the time the server you are hosting your store on has the ability to password protect directories through the server administration area so check with your host.



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