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There are a number of configuration options available to control how the emails are sent to the customer.

E-Mail Options

Figure 1 shows the E-Mail Options listing page under the Admin>Configuration>E-Mail Options section.

Figure 1. E-Mail Options listing page under the Admin>Configuration>E-Mail Options section.

NOTE: To change the details click the "wrench graphic tool" under the "Action" column next to the "Title" being edited.

E-mail Transport Method

E-mail Linefeeds

Email Linefeeds defines the character sequence used to separate mail headers. Unix/Linux uses LF alone to separate lines (new line character) but Windows uses a combination of CR & LF ( CRLF Line feed).

Set to LF if you are on a Unix/Linux server and set to CRLF if you are on a Windows server.

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails

Sending MIME type determines the content of mail like txt/html, txt/xml, etc. Set to true for HTML emails and false for pure text emails.

Note: This feature is still under development.

Verifying Email Addresses through DNS

osCommerce is able to verify email addresses by contacting the name server for a domain to ensure that it is setup to receive emails. This gives a good check to ensure invalid email addresses cant be entered.

Since all the email addresses contain the domain name (, the existence of the domain name can be verified to make sure to some extent that the email id given by the user is valid. This is done through 'nslookup' command; however, this may not work on windows so keep it false on windows based servers.

Note: Some hosting companies disable this feature. If you are having problems when creating customer accounts set this option to False.

Send Emails

It is possible to disable the sending out of all emails to the customer. This is useful during the development and testing phases.

Set to true to send emails to the customer when they register or checkout after purchasing and set to false to disable the sending of emails to customers.



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