CurrenciesLast Update: 13th June, 2005
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Two currencies are installed by default, the US Dollar and the EU Euro, although others can be installed. Although all currencies listed will be availale to the customer for selection, the default currency will be used for data entry in the Adminstration Tool. Also, a tool is provided to help update the currency exchange rates.


New currencies can be installed by clicking the Insert button on the Currencies page, and filling out the fields described below.

Although the exchange rates of the other currencies will be updated automatically when the update tool is used, if any products have been entered in the Administration Tool, they will need to have the prices updated manually so be sure to install the default currency first, THEN add products!

Figure 1 shows the Currencies listing page under the Admin>Localization>Currencies section.

Figure 1. Currencies listing page under the Admin>Localization>Currencies section.

To change the details click the "wrench graphic tool" under the "Action" column next to the "Title" being edited. To remove click the blue trashcan.



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